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The Urban Cabin Project

They say a picture is worth a thousands words. I say, seeing in real life is worth a million. So having the oportunity to design this multi-million dollar design project, and seeing its beauty first-hand made me just about speechless.

The Urban Cabin Project is nestled on acres of land in the heart of Sioux Falls, SD just above the Sioux River. With a landscape of old Oak trees, the rush of the roaring rapids below, and the occasional visit of deer, turkey and squirrels, the home feels like a cabin with a modern twist. The exterior slope of the roof and large windows lends itselfs to a modern design, but by adding just the right amount of rustic charm with natural woods, earthy colored masonry, natural stone and raw steel, this home makes you want to cuddle up by the fire with an aged Scotch, a good book, a dog at your feet, while watch the snow fall, as it does for quite a few months out of the year in good ole' South Dakota.

Step inside this beautiful home and take a look around. It's inspiring, jaw dropping and just plain good.

More Pictures Coming Soon!


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