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How to Make a Perfect Bow

Need a bow for a present, your hair, a basket, anywhere? Follow along step-by-step to learn how to make the perfect bow.

The Christmas shopping is done and now it's time to wrap those presents. You unroll the paper and gently place the present for the correct size. A few creases, some tape and tuck, your present is wrapped, but now you need a bow. Not just any bow, a big ole' fantastic bow that demands attention. Get your ribbon ready because here are the steps for a perfect Christmas (or any day) bow.


Ribbon (ideally wired edge ribbon)


Craft Wire

Begin by pulling out a section of ribbon for the length you want the tails to be and pinch it between your fingers. Next make a loop and pinch together with your first pinch.



  • JERILYN HANSEN- 07 JANUARY 2021 15:05

    Enjoyed you on keloland TV and the information u presented. Very helpful. Wondering if u come into the home to help with updating ideas?


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